MC-4 Man-Pack™ RF Jammer

General Description

MC-4 Man-Pack™ is a lightweight compact backpack portable all-weather jammer system, oriented for the protection of bomb-disposal and military personal against Remote controlled improvised explosive devices (RCIED) threats.

MC-4 Man-Pack™ system is designed to meet today’s RCIED threats, both indoor and outdoor in current battle field arena.

MC-4 Man-Pack™ is capable of establishing effective blocking range, considering environmental conditions influences, unit configurations and antennas usage.

Various types of antennas are offered to meet client’s requirements and applications within a myriad of environmental scenarios.

Power requirement are met through the use of highly robust dedicated rechargeable Li-Ion Batteries, supporting up to 4 hours of continuous work.

Key Features:

• 8 wide spectral bands

• Up To 50 Watts Power Output, Per Cellular Band

• Up To 50 Watts Power Output, Per VHF/UHF Band

• Blocks all Cellular & VHF/UHF  communication

• Wide frequency coverage

• Various modulation types jamming capability.

• Easy, intuitive operation

• VSWR & thermal protection

• Overheat protection: 75˚c shut-down/71˚c resume of operation

• Antennas: 4 outlets with 4 Omni-directional whip antennas

• Portable, Man-Pack, Metal Casing with proprietary backpack setup

• Power consumption: 12 – 24VDC

• Weight:~15Kg


Infantry, Maneuvering forces, Soliders, Police, SWAT, Bomb squad divisions


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