MC-AJ - Cellular Microphone & Microphone Audio Jammer

General Description

MC-AJ  is a lightweight compact portable audio Jammer oriented for preventing recording and eaves-dropping by blocking all cellular and recorders microphones by generating a silenced white noise.

The MC-AJ  is equipped with internal Li-Ion battery and remote control for rapid deployment in different location and scenarios protecting the user wherever he goes.

Key Features:

    • Blocks all microphones of mobile or stationary recording devices such as cellphones, tablets, memo records etc.
    • Doesn’t interfere with conversation or create any noise which is detectable by human hears.
    • Easy, intuitive operation
    • Designed for continuous portable operation
    • Rechargeable batteries
    • Equipped with remote Control Unit
    • Power consumption: 12 – 24VDC
    • Light weight approx. 300grm with Li-Ion battery


Meeting rooms, Class room, Small confined parameter


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