Cellphones and other wireless communications devices can be used by terrorists and others as an effective means of bugging and control:

1. Improvised Explosive Device (IED): By separating the device preparation and placement from the actual activation, IEDs can be planted in different locations and be activated by remote command, in response to the target's behavior – such as the speed of movement, specific target vulnerability, local situation (vis-à-vis nearby civilians) or when a specific VIP is being targeted in a convoy.

MCTECH Radio frequency jammers solutions, devices are designed to prevent radio-based communication devices from successfully operating. Blocking RF signals, preventing the remote detonation of the improvised explosive devices while shielding a convoy or a bomb squad operation while dealing with a target.

Products: MC-4, MC-40P, MC-60P, MC-2000

2. Bugging: Mobile phone (cell phone) microphones can be activated remotely, without any need for physical access. This "roving bug" feature has been used by law enforcement agencies and intelligence services to listen in on nearby conversations. Unfortunately, illegal organizations are using the same methods in order to penetrate secured compounds and closed meetings, listening to valid and secret information in order to gain intelligence.

MCTECH RF Jammers presents a solution for the need of government and law enforcement agencies to maintain secure communication areas in specific buildings, floors, and conference rooms. Our Jammers have the ability to block radio frequency (RF) communication in those specific areas of your building, shielding a room or a given space from secret listening through mobile devices.

Products: MC-W, MC-W-T, MC-40P, MC-60P, MC-2000, MC-AJ

3. Propaganda & Unauthorized broadcasting: FM and AM Radio can be used in order to influence public opinion. Terror and non-legitimacy organizations often use the radio to influence the heart of the citizens against the government.


MCTECH RF Jammers presents a solution for the need of government and law enforcement agencies to stop those unmotorized stations. Our Jammers can block radio broadcasting for a great distance.

Products: MC-FM2KW

4. Secure Cellular Communication: The rapidly growing use of smartphones in our lives combined with recent technological advances, has dramatically increased the risk of our privacy being lost. Hackers can now use a verity of systems and ways in order to penetrate our cellphone and to achieve vital private information about our lives and business.

MCTECH RF X-igma Secured cellular communication offers a complete secured encrypted solution that can shield from any hacking, penetration, interception attack.

Products: X-igma


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