MC-FM2KW - Powerful FM Jammer

General Description

The main Objective of the MC-FM2KW System is to jam FM Radio broadcasting communication that is often used by unauthorized and illegal stations. The MC-FM2KW System is a high powerful jamming system that can be controlled remotely using a remote control unit.

Key Features:

      • Frequency coverage 87.5-108 MHz
      • Powerful jamming signal strength of 2000 Watt
      • Built-in exciter with a digital frequency synthesizer.
      • Optional operation from a distance remote control computer
      • Various types of mounting and deployment options
      • Automatic fold-back ROS protection
      • LCD display to check all operating parameters
      • Configurable software (Power output/ Frq and etc.)
      • No interference to nearby frequency bands
      • VSWR & thermal protection
      • Operational Power: 90 – 260V.
      • Dimensions: 3U 19” rack
      • Weight: 16Kg


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