Thousands of illegal cellphones are being smuggled into prisons, where inmates, including some on death row, use them to threaten victims, conduct drug deals, plot escape and seek legal help, prison officials say.

The phones, most operating on prepaid accounts bought by relatives and friends, often are not caught in searches at visitor entries.

MCTECH has developed a jamming system especially for prisons and correctional facilities. A powerful, adjustable, remote control units m has been approved and installed by prison authorities in very large prison facilities in several countries worldwide.

MCTECH Prison Jammers design allows avoiding sabotage, 24/7 operation in all-weather condition and operation from a central remote control system usually located in operation room. The operator can use the remote control unit to activate and deactivate each frequency band separately or simultaneously.  And may activate or deactivate different zones in the facility in order to block/allow communication.

MCTECH Prison Jammers key features:


  ▪  Covers all cellular bands and satellites, transmit simultaneously.

  ▪  Operation from a distanse remote control computer.

  ▪  Indoor/ outdoor installation.

  ▪  Spreate communication for each Jammer

  ▪  Each jammer has its own controllers that communicate with the server


  ▪  The jammer antennas are supplied according to field demand – omni /


  ▪  Minimum/ maximum jamming angle by client demand.

  ▪  Optional – backup battery.

  ▪  Over heat protection VSWR circuit protection to prevent burn-out due to


     short-circuit or disconnection


    ▪  A friendly user operation software with the following features:

    ▪  Visualization of the jammers operation uppon a scanned topographic

       /zone maps.

    ▪  A Selective operation of each band.

    ▪  Ability to control up to 512 jammers from a control room.

    ▪  Ability to define/change groups for easy operation

    ▪  Operational- individual /groups or all together.

    ▪  Optional – operation from distance computer by authorized user.

    ▪  Indication operate / communication failure

    ▪  Operational language on demand

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