MC-HORIZON D360 v3 - Battle Proven Reactive Anti-Drone/Quadcopter/Small UAV Jamming System

General Description

MC-Horizon.D360VM.V3 MCTECH’s flagship product, is a multilayer, battle proven counter drone solution which provides wide area, long range and high accuracy anti drone system with the following capabilities: RF detection, automatic alert, classification and neutralization.

MC-Horizon.D360.V3 can be integrated on a vehicle a boat or any vessel to provide protection against drones and UAV while on the move.



The main objective of the MC-Horizon.D360.V3 is to create a an invisible barrier against civilian Drone /Quadcopter /UAV communication in order to prevent them from infiltrating sensitive location, secured compounds, Military bases and etc., or in order to protect a V.I.P against armful attack carried out by those systems.


The MC-Horizon.D360.V3 system detects drone presence by analyzing signaling channel and radio transmission (both the uplink and downlink). Once a drone has been detected it triggers automatically a neutralization system which deactivate the drone/quadcopter from any operation.


The MC-Horizon.D360.V3 system can be integrated into any boat vehicle or vessel in order to protect a convoy or a VIP while on the move.

Key Features:

  • Key Features:


    • Create an invisible dome of detection in a radius of up to 1.5km
    • Supports 2.4/5.8 and civilian drones Wi-Fi communication protocol
    • 0 False alarms
    • Create an invisible dome of neutralization in a radius of up to 500m, 360°
    • Create an invisible beacon of neutralization up to 1000m in 90°
    • Blocks common Civilian drone/Quadcopter/UAV bands simultaneously
    • Protection against swarm attack
    • Reactive Jamming System triggered by RF continuous aerial scanning 
    • Controlled by C2 Tablet
    • Upgradable threat library via LAN cable
    • Automatically sends SMS notification to predefined numbers
    • Internal Modem for SMS notification and 3G/4G access
    • Mobile pelican outdoor casing water resistant
    • No interference to nearby frequency bands
    • VSWR- disconnect/short antenna protection
    • Overheat protection: 75˚c cease operation, 71˚c resume of operation
    • Operational Power: 90 – 260 12/24VDC
    • Weight: approx. 20kg



Confined parameter, Prisons, Military bases, Nuclear Facilities, Sensitive Locations, Borders, VIP Protection, Airports, Stadiums and etc.


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