Long Range Battle Proven Anti-Drone/Quadcopter/UAV/UAS solution


General Description

The most sophisticated battle proven security system for protection of sites against unwelcomed drones, preventing them from entering, flying above, or landing inside a given perimeter.

Main Capabilities

  • 360 coverage
  • Over 3km-15km detection range
  • Over 1.5km-10km recognition range
  • Over 3km effective disruption range


MC-HORIZON II 360E™ consists the following components:


  • Radar System - 3D Pulse-Doppler all weather radar, with azimuth mechanical scan (rotating) and elevation electrical scan (linear phased-array).

  • RF Detection Unit – RF Sensor detects drone presence by analyzing signaling channel and radio transmission. Once a drone has been detected it triggers automatically an Alarm and Alerts the guard of a drone presence.


  • EO/IR Tracker - Long range, ruggedized, gimbaled, day/night electro-optical system.


  • Hi Power Jammer - High power outdoor jamming system, aligned with the electro-optical system’s line of site.


  • Command & Control - Dedicated, configurable, user friendly command & control software, installed on PC.


  • Optional: “Jamming Dome” - High power outdoor jamming system for creating a jamming dome against swarm attack and multiple targets



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