X-igma - Secured Encrypted Cellular Communication

General Description

Complete secure mobile solution to keep your communication privacy from being monitored by network providers and by advanced system interceptors.

    Key Features:


    Confidential Call

    • Secure end to end encrypted calls
    • Military grade encryption AES-256
    • Fresh random key per call initiation
    • 3-Way end to end encrypted calls
    • Outgoing call with virtual numbers



    • Fresh random IMEI per demand
    • Provides network anonymity
    • Restores original IMEI per demand
    • Self and simple IMEI changes
    • Automated IMEI changes (Optional) 



    • Blocks access from WiFi and SIM data
    • Blocks Internet access from unauthorized apps and system SW.
    • Allows Internet access only to authorized apps and SW


    VIP, Soliders, Intelligence, Lawyers, Police etc.

    Confidential CHAT

    • Secure end to end encrypted chat.
    • Military grade encryption AES-256.
    • Secure encrypted text and multimedia.
    • Secure encrypted end to end chat rooms.
    • Multiple separated chat groups/rooms.


    • Anonymous TOR WEB browser.
    • Surfing the WEB with anonymity.
    • Disable back tracking of network ID.
    • Restricts files and media downloads.
    • Restricts apps downloads and installation


    • Protects from USB spy injection.
    • Enables USB charging only.
    • Forces password entry on USB PC cable connection.
    • File types filtering.


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    Tel: +972-9-8806060,  Fax: +972-9-8806070, Email:  info@mctech-jammers.com