MC-HORIZON - Anti-Drone/Quadcopter/UAV/UAS Jamming system


General Description


The main Objective of the MC-Horizon is to Neutralize civilian Drone /Quadcopter /UAV communication in order to prevent infiltrating sensitive location, secured compounds, Military bases and etc., or in order to protect a V.I.P against armful attack carried out by those systems.



The MC-Horizon System is a high power outdoor Anti Drone /Quadcopter /UAV that can be monitored and controlled from a distance location using dedicated software.



The MC-Horizon Anti Drone System can be supplied either as an active system or reactive system that operates only after triggering an alarm when unfamiliar object reaches to the aerial security zone.




Key Features:




  • Blocks all Civilian drone/Quadcopter/UAV bands simultaneously
  • Effective coverage 3.5 km Detection, 2 km Neutralization.
  • Optional Reactive System triggered by a Radar
  • Optional operation from a distance remote control computer
  • Outdoor casing
  • Various types of mounting and deployment options
  • Separate No interference to nearby frequency bands
  • VSWR & thermal protection
  • Overheat protection: 75˚c cease operation, 71˚c resume of operation
  • Operational Power: 90 – 260V.
  • Weight: approx. 38Kg
  • Antennas: Directional High Gain antennas
  • High Sensitivity Aerial Radar
  • Ability to lock on target while Jammer using optical system
  • Thermal Camera
  • Ability of recording





A Dedicated, configurable, user friendly command & control software module with the following features:


  • Visualization of the jammers operation upon a topographic/zone maps.
  • Visualization of the quadcopter location over topographic/zone maps could be assigned with different kind of radars either sectorial or 360°*
  • A Selective operation for each band and each Jammer.
  • Ability to control up to 100 MC-Horizon units from a control room.
  • Operational- individual /groups or altogether.
  • Optional – operation from distance computer by authorized user.
  • Automatic failure Indication operate / communication failure
  • Ability of tracking and recording Drone/Quadcopter/UAV movement*
  • Operational language on demand



Confined parameter, Prisons, Military bases, Nuclear Facilities, Sensitive Locations, Borders, VIP Protection, Airports, Stadiums and etc.





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