The rapidly growing use of mini and small sized drones and quadcopters, combined with recent technological advances, has dramatically increased the risk of these systems being utilized for hostile and/or damaging activities:


Hostile Espionage:

Remote controlled drones and quadcopters are fitted

with increasingly improved cameras.


Lethal Applications:

lethal applications such as explosive, radioactive materials, shooting can be used both against

institutions, as well as against the general public.


Unauthorized and Uncoordinated Flight

Drones can impose a great threat in and around airports, endangering aircrafts and helicopters by flying in their take-off/landing approach paths.


MCTECH MC-Horizon systems is is a sophisticated security system designed to Neutralize civilian Drone /Quadcopter /UAV communication in order to prevent infiltrating sensitive location, secured compounds, Military bases and etc., or in order to protect a V.I.P against armful attack carried out by those systems.


The MC-Horizon System is a high power outdoor Anti Drone /Quadcopter /UAV that can be monitored and

controlled from a distance location using dedicated software.


The Anti-Drone System can be supplied either as an active system or reactive system that operates only after triggering an alarm when unfamiliar object reaches to the aerial security zone.


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